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Dale's New Business Card
new business
Image by dalechumbley
My new cards finally came in. Yes I also have and use MOO cards. These are the more traditional card. What do you think? Like em?

New Business Centre, late 1930s
new business
Image by isotype75
Despite of threatingly growing political tensions and economic depression in Palestine 1929, the commencement of the construction of the new harbour led to a growing confidence in a prospering future of the city and a group of Haifa businessmen conceived the undertaking of a large commercial development to be called the "New Business Centre". In 1930, after a competition was held, a contract was held with architect Max Loeb. (Loeb was born 1901 in Kassel/Germany, studied in Munich, Dresden and Darmstadt. He came to Palestine in 1925 to join the firm of Hecker-Yellin in Jerusalem. 1928-1929 he spent working in Cologne, returned to Jerusalem, where he opened an office with the engineer J. Danon in 1929. Loeb died 1962 in Haifa). Loeb's modernist masterplan was accepted against all odds, the New Business Center was built between 1934 and 1937.
(Source: Herbert, Gilbert, und Silvina Sosnovsky, Bauhaus on the Carmel and the Crossroads of Empire, Jerusalem 1993.)

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